Our Brands

The high quality brands that we use every day



Bluescope is one of the leading steel manufacturers in the world. Their commitment in producing world-class steel products plays a big role in our projects, being the vital component in building structures. Some of Bluescope flagship brands include COLORBOND®, Clean COLORBOND®, and ZINCALUME® steels.



Amark Home Additions creates customised sunrooms, patios, and decking tailored to each client. To achieve this, we partnered with Stratco™ to provide you with an extensive range of home improvement options available with various styles.



Our partnership with Lysaght demonstrates our dedication to improve our workmanship. Lysaght's unmatched technical expertise gives you the peace of mind that every material used in your project has been tested in an in-house research and testing laboratory, according to the industry standards.



Laserlite ™ is a true blue Australian company that has been taking part in building Australian homes for more than 50 years. Its profiled roof sheeting products features Advanced Weatherguard™ technology that’s light but tough—suitable for Australian conditions.



Versiclad ™ is a leader in insulated roofing panel customizations. With anti-leak capability and maintenance-free features, Versiclad™ offers a wide range of optional profiles with different thickness cores suited to your preferred insulation.



One of the core values of Stramit is sustainability. They ensure their products have no negative impact on the natural environment by using recycled materials as well as making their plant and equipment energy and environmental efficient.