For Relaxation and Outdoor Entertainment


Adding a deck to your home gives you a space to relax and hold outdoor gatherings. Amark Home lets YOU pick a style that matches your yard. 

Take a look at only some of the different styles that we can provide for you!

Composite Decks

  • Does not require any paints or stains to keep it looking good

  • Resistant to water, sun, fading, mildew, insects, etc.

  • Anti slip properties

  • Zero maintenance required

Merbau Decks

  • Strong

  • Durable

  • Looks great

  • Popular for marine, construction and engineering applications

Spotted Gum Decks

  • Very hard, durable and strong

  • Attractive with a large variety of colours

  • Easy to work with

  • Popular in mining, shipbuilding, bridge and wharf construction

Treated Pine Decks

  • Commonly available

  • Very affordable

  • Beautiful warm colour

  • Softer than most woods

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